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Table 2 Correlations Between the Subjects’ Ratings of the Current Severity of the Dysphonia and the Individual Voice Symptoms N = 56

From: Adductor focal laryngeal Dystonia: correlation between clinicians’ ratings and subjects’ perception of Dysphonia

  Subjects’ Ratings of Severity of Dysphonia  
  Pearson Correlation Significance (2-tailed)
Subjects’ Ratings Strain-Strangled 0.673 0.000*
Subjects’ Ratings Roughness 0.549 0.000*
Subjects’ Ratings Increased Expiratory Effort 0.187 0.000*
Subjects’ Ratings Voice Tremor 0.477 0.000*
Subjects’ Ratings Voice Arrest 0.564 0.000*
  1. *All findings were statistically significant at the 0.01 level