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Table 1 Clinical phenomenology of Cases 1 and 2 Vs common PD-related non-motor symptoms

From: Are we missing non-motor seizures in Parkinson’s disease? Two case reports

Case 1
Episodic Manifestations
Case 2
Episodic Manifestations
PD Non-Motor Manifestation
Confusion (few hours duration) Confusion (minutes to hours duration) Cognitive fluctuations (hours to days)
Visual aura - Visual perceptual problems/hallucinations
Phantosmia - Hyposmia/functional anosmia
Nocturnal events (violent jerks and vocalizations) - -REM sleep behavior disorder (possible pre-motor)
-Non-REM parasomnias (confusional wandering)
EEG: bilateral temporal spikes; left temporal slowing and left anterior sharp waves EEG: left temporal slowing and left temporal sharp wave EEG: normal/global slowing